The new drama film “478” (Aftermath, 2017) + movie trailer

In the professional career of cult American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has always dominated the genre of action. Now Schwarzenegger checks his acting skills in the new genre – drama. The new dramatic thriller «478» (Aftermath) starring with Arnie, is planning to be released on April 7, 2017. And today, the actor has presented the first official trailer of the new film.

For Arnie the movie “478” is not the first attempt to play a dramatic role. In 2014, he played the role of a loving dad of zombie girl in the movie «Maggie». But this movie did not get a great success and became a “failure”.

Storyline of the film

The movie “478” is based on real life story, the events that began in July 2012 and radically changed after 478 days. The protagonist – old man builder Roman. He awaits the arrival of his wife and pregnant daughter. But it was not to be and he would never see them alive. His family perished in a terrible plane crash. Having lost the only thing he lived, Roman has one goal – to find and punish those responsible for the crash. After more than a year of investigations, he found the main culprit of the death of his wife and daughter. This was the air traffic controller Paul, who ran the course of the aircraft at the time of the disaster. And now he longs to meet with Paul, but for one of them, this meeting could end in tragedy.

Actors and creators of the movie “478”

The prototype of the main character of the movie was a Russian architect and builder Vitaliy Kaloev who really experienced such a tragic story, which became the basis for a new film. The main character Roman played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, starring in the last few years in the movies «Terminator Genisys» (2015) and «The Expendables 3″ (2014). The role of air traffic controller Paul played by actor Scoot McNairy («Black Sea», 2014). Also starring Kevin Zegers («Frozen», 2010), Maggie Grace («Taken», 2007) and Hannah Ware ( «Betrayal», 2013). The film produced by British director Elliott Lester, best known for the films «Blitz» (2011) and «Nightingale» (2014). The script written by Javier Gullón («Enemy», 2013). The music created by composer Mark D. Todd

Interesting facts of “Aftermath, 2017”

We have compiled the most interesting facts about the movie “478” (Aftermath, 2017). The list will be updated regularly:

  • Filming lasted one and a half months – from December 14, 2015 by January 27, 2016.
  • he budget of the movie was US $ 10.5 million.
  • The shooting took place in Columbus (USA, Ohio) – the hometown of one of the main characters – Maggie Grace.

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