The first teaser of the superhero movie Deadpool 2

Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds, who plays the role of Wade Winston Wilson (Deadpool), presented on their official YouTube channel the first teaser of the upcoming movie Deadpool 2. The premiere of the new film is scheduled for March 2, 2018.

The teaser shows a short excerpt of the film: Wade Wilson (Deadpool) becomes a witness of attack the robber to the passer and rushes to the telephone booth, what would change into a superhero costume for liquidation a bully. But, transformation process is delayed, and when Deadpool returned to the passer, he was robbed and the robber was gone.
The director of the first part Deadpool, Tim Miller, left the new project at an early stage due to disagreements with Ryan Reynolds. Deadpool 2 is being directed by David Leitch, who has as a director is only one, but a very successful film – John Wick (2014). Also it is known that one of the main roles in the film played by David Harbour.
The first part of Deadpool with a budget of $58 million collected in world cinema almost 800 million dollars. In the near future it is expected the first full trailer Deadpool 2. Look for updates on our website – along with the first official trailer, we’ll show you all the available interesting and useful information about the new movie.

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