The new cartoon “Cars 3” – storyline, facts and HD trailer

After the release of two intriguing teasers of the new cartoon Cars 3, with a planned release date of June 15, 2017, Pixar Company presents new official trailer for the 3rd part of the popular animated franchise. So, we invite all the fans eagerly awaiting the next release of the legendary cartoon series, enjoy online in good quality new trailer Cars 3.


New trailer for Cars 3 revealed more details about the upcoming animated film. The events in the movie take place 10 years after the action in the previous section. The main character Lightning McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson again), still in the center of the storyline. Despite the fact that Lightning is one of the oldest racing cars on the track, he continues to prove that there is life in the old dog yet, and continues to win races. But it is becoming harder to win each subsequent victory. The new generation of modern racing cars has created strong competition and displaces McQueen from the big sport.
Anyone can find himself in a situation where he is not as strong as before, and someone young and talented tries to take his place. And then he needs help from someone who will charge new strength and will give him a second chance. And the young and very talented mechanic Cruz Ramirez, who is well aware of the weaknesses of young contenders, becomes the assistant to the Lightning McQueen.
Now Cruz Ramirez – this energetic yellow car will train McQueen for new victories for the main fight of his life – the race with a young, ultramodern fireball Jackson Storm, who in a short period became a sensation №1 on the track.


The latest news and interesting facts about the new cartoon Cars 3 (regularly updated):

  • Only the second time in its history, the company Pixar released the third part of the cartoon. The first animated film trilogy from Pixar Studios has become a “Toy Story”
  • The release of the new “Cars” was planned for mid-2018 – the beginning of 2019 year. For many fans at the end of October 2015 was a pleasant surprise announcement of a new release of the cartoon, scheduled for summer 2017.
  • “Cars 3” will be the directorial debut of animator Brian Fee. He had previously participated in a series, voicing the characters of the first part of the franchise.
  • Home race in “Cars 3” (2017) will be called the “Florida You 500” – the local equivalent of the famous race “the Daytona 500.”

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