The new trailer of the movie “Logan” (2017)

The company 20th Century Fox presented the new trailer of the new film about Wolverine – “Logan”, the third film about Wolverine, with a planned release date to March 2017. A two-minute movie trailer released on Youtube channel of the company, scored 5 million views in the first day.

The main characters of the film are Logan (Hugh Jackman) and girl-mutant by Dafne Keen. Also, in the movie starring Patrick Stewart, Boyd Holbrook and Richard E. Grant. Film was directed by James Mangold, as well as the movies “Wolverine” and “Knight and Day”. In the story Logan and Professor Xavier, deprived of support from the X Men, face off against enemies of the powerful corporation Nathaniel Essex.

Still frame from the movie trailer “Logan”

However, Logan’s ability to regenerate decreases with age, and Xavier is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Female clone of Wolverine – mutant girl comes to help and expertly kills enemies.

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