About the new clip of Lady Gaga – Million Reasons

A new song by Lady Gaga – Million Reasons presented two months ago has received rave reviews from fans and has already been viewed on Youtube channel nearly 30 million times. Live performance of Million Reasons on the American Music Awards 2016 and Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 created a furor, but, of course, fans were expecting a new video for the song much loved by them. Today their wish just came true – meet new video from Lady Gaga – Million Reasons!

The second part of the melodramatic story

New video «Million Reasons» is a continuation of the history of the previous clip – «Perfect Illusion», where Lady Gaga was left alone, surrounded by a vast desert. These shots keep the story in the video «Million Reasons». In the story, the singer’s team arrives at the black SUVs and begs her to go to shooting clip. After that, in the studio, she is preparing to perform a new song and finds on her desk a mysterious box with a bow.
Lady Gaga performed the song «Million Reasons» in the studio on a white background. She is wearing a spectacular pink outfit and cowboy hat. At the same time, as always, she is very emotional and plays guitar. At the end of the video she unpacks the box and finds inside the pectoral cross and a note saying “I love you, sister.”

Another song from the album «Joanne»

The directors of the clip, as well as the work «Perfect Illusion», were Andrea Gelardin and Ruth Hogben. In just 12 hours after the release on the official YouTube channel of the singer, a new video was viewed by more than half a million people. The song «Million Reasons» is part of the album «Joanne», presented on 21 October 2016 and named in honor of the late singer’s aunt. This is the fifth studio album by Lady Gaga.

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