About the new music video by Gorillaz – Hallelujah Money (2017)

The virtual British musical band Gorillaz released the first song in six years. The new music video for track “Hallelujah Money” the band recorded together with the laureate of “Mercury Prize” Benjamin Clementine, who sings in the video from the skyscraper “Trump Tower” in New York. The song came on the eve of the inauguration of the new US President Donald Trump.

The composition was the first single from the forthcoming new album Gorillaz, planned for release in 2017. The new song is different from that Gorillaz have done before, but their signature style still recognizable. In the track can be heard hints of victory Donald Trump in the presidential elections in the United States. Moreover, the authors said that in the album will be a lot of thinking about power, money and big business.

Still frame from the music video “Hallelujah Money”

In less than 10 hours the new music video “Gorillaz – Hallelujah Money” received more than 1 million views on YouTube.

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