Melanie Martinez – Mad Hatter (New Music Video, 2017)

Young American singer Melanie Martinez, who participated in the third season of mega popular TV project The Voice, presented her first music video in 2017. It is interesting that the singer once again became both the creator of the idea and the director of the new video. So, meet – the new music video from Melanie Martinez – Mad Hatter.

“Mad Hatter” was the last song from the debut album of the singer “Cry Baby”, released in 2015. According to the plot of the new music video, Melanie drinks a magical elixir and plunges into an unusual dream that takes her to a mysterious puppet world, full of different fairy-tale creatures. And, this crazy story clearly resonates with the masterpiece work of the unrivaled Lewis Carroll “Alice in Wonderland”. Spectacular animated video based on the original fairytale story, created a perfect combination with the lyrics of the song.
Perhaps, for today, the new music video “Mad Hatter” is the best work of Melanie Martinez for her singer’s career. This is confirmed by the huge number of views of the new video on Melanie`s YouTube channel. In less than a day, the new video “Mad Hatter” received more than 5 million views and almost one million likes. And, really, all the best people are crazy!

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