Crazy 1987th: The new dance music video by Sia – Move Your Body

Australian singer Sia has released a new music video for a song «Move Your Body», more precisely to the remix version of the track, recorded with the participation of the musician and DJ Alan Walker. New video clip immersing the audience into the atmosphere of the 80s. The action takes place in a photo studio that allows you to show a lot of very unusual characters. In the video clip has traditionally participates a young dancing girl. But this time in a black and white wig does not Maddie Ziegler – it’s a 8-year-old Lilliana Ketchman.

The director of the «Move Your Body» was a Lior Molcho. Video shot in the style of filming the old movies. Events in a video takes place in 1987 in the studio, where the family comes to take part in the shooting of advertising the first cell phone models. Mom and dad with pleasure posing for the camera, but in the meantime the child tries to get away from the filming area. Eventually the girl escapes and gets into the dressing room, where she finds black and white wig, which has already become a symbol of Sia. As soon as a girl puts it, the energy of the dance awakens in her. The girl begins to run on other film studios and flickering in front of cameras, along with other models. At first it seems as if the baby prevents. Soon, however, everyone understands that she has helped to lift the mood of the visitors and make are lively and vivid pictures. In just for five days the new music video «Move Your Body» got 5 million views on the Youtube channel of Sia.

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