Leningrad band – Voyage (New music video, 2017)

The last two music videos of the Leningrad band, led by Sergey Shnurov, the «Ch.P.Kh.» and the «Candidate» were frankly weak. And finally, the group presents a full-fledged video clip as a short film in its own unique style. And so, meet, Leningrad – «Voyage»

Sergey Shnurov and The Leningrad band openly spoil their fans with chic gifts at the end of 2017 – three new clips in just a few months. A more interesting and informative clip «Candidate» wins a bit on the rather simple video work «Ch.P.Kh.». But, anyway, the Leningrad band was expected to do much more, after the release of magnificent works such as «Eksponat», «V Pitere – pit’» (In St. Petersburg – to drink), «Tattoer».
A new music video «Voyage», perhaps, would be a new high bar for the St. Petersburg band. An exciting realistic storyline, great actors, a chic video sequence and a lot of high-quality special effects will enjoy the viewer in the best Leningrad group’s traditions. But how else, because the new video «Voyage» was directed by well-known filmmaker Ilya Naishuller, the creator of the popular fantasy action film “Hardcore” and the Leningrad band`s amazing and fan-favorite music video «Tattoer». This clip was recognized by the fans as the most effective video in the Leningrad band`s history.
In the lead roles of the new Leningrad group’s video “Voyage” starred such quite famous personalities as popular Russian model Irina Martynenko and Chelyabinsk actor Alexander Pal. Florida Chanturia remained the only vocalist in the group after Vasilisa Starshova left. Her excellent performance of the vocal part in the new song «Voyage» deserves special respect, and hundreds of positive reviews on Youtube show this.
More than 2 million views in just in less than one day after the Leningrad band`s new video released are clearly witnessing that the “Voyage” can become the most popular music video of the St. Petersburg grouping.


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