Luis Fonsi & Demi Lovato – Echame la culpa – (Music video, 2017)

Luis Fonsi, who became in less than 1 year the world-famous and honorary author and performer of the most popular song on the Youtube`s planet at the moment – “Despacito”, prepared a replacement for his hit, that already tired the world community. “Echame la culpa” (in translation – Put the blame on me) – this is the new creation of the driving Puerto Rican macho. The self-titled clip was released on the singer’s YouTube channel the day before.

This time the cunning ladies’ man and conqueror of hearts – Luis Fonsi sang and danced in pair with the famous American singer, actress, songwriter and just a beautiful and smart – Demi Lovato. Luis Fonsi prudently uses in the new song an old-good method, thousands times proven by many artists – a double Anglo-Spanish song text, for maximum coverage of the world audience. Slender Anglo-Spanish speaking and singing beauty Demi Lovato, ideally approached the role of partner for Luis Fonsi.
A new music video “Luis Fonsi & Demi Lovato – Echame la culpa”, was shot in the best traditions of the Latin American pop genre – an incendiary beat, dances, black beauties, and of course Luis Fonsi, who fervently assures his lover that he is happy to take the blame on himself. In the new clip also appeared a dark-skinned dancer from the previous video of Fonsi.
It’s too early to say that the new video will somehow be compared to the video of “Despacito”, but it is rapidly gaining popularity. The number of views on the singer`s YouTube channel rises by tens of thousands hourly and at the moment is more than half a million hits. Well, we will closely monitor the future creative delights of Luis Fonsi, who literally recently could not imagine what awaits him in 2017.


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