Marshmello – Blocks (New Music Video, 2017)

American musician, DJ and producer Marshmello continues to gather the autumn harvest of his musical talent. The new explosive Marshmello’s video work – «Blocks» released today on the musician`s YouTube channel, only three days after the release of the last video – You & Me, which has already gained 3 million views.

Today we can confidently say that the Marshmello’s comic image gives more and more positive results. Having taken 10th place in the list of the best DJs of the world in the DJ Magazine ranking in 2017, the Marshmello’s identity remains virtually unknown, although there were suggestions that he is an American DJ Chris Comstock, also known as Dotcom.
According to the plot of the new clip, Marshmello receives an invitation to join the «Mu Lambda Omega student brotherhood» and joins the active student community. Getting acquainted with the life of the student community, Marshmello does not find himself in the brotherhood of «Mu Lambda Omega» and moves to the side of the musical forces of students. Our hero arranges an improvised concert and blows up the audience.
The new music video Blocks immerses us in a lively and exciting atmosphere of student’s everyday life, and this is undoubtedly exactly what a young and active audience needs. In just a few hours after the release on the Marshmello`s official YouTube channel, the video Blocks quickly gained more than 500 thousand views. If such dynamics continue, the video work Blocks has every chance to take the top positions of its niche of popularity.
The last of the most successful video works of Marshmello is Silence Ft. Khalid, released just three weeks ago, has already scored over 26 million views and 394,000 likes on musician`s YouTube channel.


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