The new animated music video – Sting “One Fine Day”

Some celebrities do not grow old not only outwardly but also in the creative plan. In November 2016 the British singer Sting has pleased his fans of the new 12-th studio album “57th & 9th”. On sounding, the album refers to the days of Sting as a part of band “The Police”, and the success of the new album has fixed the singer in the top twenty of the “UK Albums Chart”. And now the Sting has pleased his fans with a new music video for the song «One Fine Day».

In the song “One Fine Day” Sting sings about protecting the environment. He calls for common sense with regard to nature and its gifts. The musician appears in the video as a silhoue te on the crumpled paper. The beautiful images on paper are a sense of danger and risk. Sting shows how the glaciers are melting, and the politicians are endless arguments with each other, leading to the destruction of the planet. Phrases «raining cats and dogs» and «pigs will fly» are the literal character in the clip. Moreover, they acquire a new meaning – the meaning of ecological chaos.

Still frame from the music video “One Fine Day”

The Sting’s music video “One Fine Day” was warmly received by his fans, at Youtube channel of singer the new animation movie got more than a hundred thousand views and over 97% likes.

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