The new music video of the Leningrad band – Candidate (2017)

In less than two months since the release of the video clip for the song “ChPH”, Sergei Shnurov and the group Leningrad are presenting a new music video – “Candidate”.

As expected, a fairly mediocre video of the Leningrad band “ChPH” became an intermediate between the sensational video “Ecstasy” and today’s premiere video for the song “Candidate”. A new music video is again a full story, interesting characters and popular actors. The role of the protagonist of the video – provincial instigator and entertainer – was played by one of the most colorful participants of the Leningrad group Alexander Puzo.
The actions of the new clip of Leningrad “Candidate” take place in the park of a small provincial town of Mukhino, celebrating the 1070th anniversary. People expected a festive speech from the Mayor of the city, but in the end, the holiday will take place without him – the Mayor was put in jail. Suddenly, a heavily drunk local man goes to the main stage of the holiday and immediately starts the audience. And then began a real festive fun, during which there is a lot of curiosities both on and around the stage.
The director of the new video “Candidate”, as well as the last clips of the group Leningrad was Anna Parmas, an old friend of Sergei Shnurov. As always, the video turned out interesting and colorful. A new short film from Leningrad, just hours after the release, managed to score almost half a million views, and this is only on the official YouTube channel of the group. We are sure that the phrases from the new song of Leningrad “Candidate” will become quotations. And of course, not a single animal was injured during the shooting of the clip, the cat is alive and well!


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