The new music video of the «Leningrad» band – «Tattooer» (Kolshik)

Russian music band “Leningrad”, headed by Sergei Shnurov delighted the fans by releasing the first video in 2017 on the famous song “Tattooer” (Kolshik). This song was the first new release of “Leningrad” after the singer Alisa Vox left the group. The first public performance of the song was on March 24, 2016 at the band’s concert in Moscow.

The new Leningrad “Tattoer” clip tells the story of a number of crazy events in the circus and backstage. At the same time, the main chain of incredible events began just after the little girl visitor of circus blew a bubble. And the whole story is shown in a video clip from the end to the beginning. Among others, in the new video clip starring the actress Julia Topolnitskaya – the main character of the most popular music video of Leningrad – “Eksponat” (The Exhibit).
The new clip of the “Leningrad” band was filmed by the young film director Ilya Naishuller. His name became quite famous after the release of sci-fi thriller “Hardcore”, where Ilya used his signature techniques – shooting in the first person. Soon Ilya Naishuller used this style of directing in the movie «False Alarm», filmed for a Canadian artist The Weeknd, as well as in the excellent short film «The Medic».
Just a few hours after the release on the official YouTube channel of the band, the new music video “Tattoer ” scored more than 500 thousand views.

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